What is Kismet?

You might be seeing our ads, our Instagram shoutouts, and our blog that just seemed to pop up out of nowhere and are wondering…what is this Kismet thing, anyway?

Good question! Kismet Academy is first and foremost a streaming service, like Netflix or Hulu, but instead of movies, features tons of premium courses related to dating and self development.

We have courses from some of the top coaches in the world, like Vince Kelvin, Kinsey Wolanski, Connor Murphy, Victoria Lorient-Faibish Med, RP, Wendi Schuller, John Shae and many more!

Our current program list includes:

And many more!

We are constantly adding more coaches, courses and premium content, so you’ll never have to buy another dating course again.

Our goal is to make Kismet Academy the world’s single best resource for all things related to dating and self development, and give millions of people all over the world the tools to successfully navigate this nightmare that is the dating world!

Watch our trailer and enjoy our interactive video on our home page!

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